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Video: Travel Photography Tips – Shoot with a Purpose

Shoot with purpose. In this video tutorial, see why just rapid-fire shooting isn’t enough to do great travel photography. Shoot with purpose and intent and get more winners. Source: Video: Travel Photography Tips – Shoot with a Purpose

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What background should you use with coloured gels? Grey or white?

To Gel or not to Gel. This is another one of those questions I get asked a lot: ‘Should I be using a white or grey background with coloured gels?’ As with so many things in photography, the answer isn’t always as simple as you might think. In this article I show you a recent lighting test where I fired a collection of coloured gels […]

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Photographer creates pin-up styled movie heroines with colorful milk splashes [NSFW]

Milk splash photographer goes to the movies. Photographer Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz has shared his splendid work with us before. His signature technique is high-speed photography of models “dressed” in milk splashes. After Milky Pin-Ups, Splash Heroes and Fallen Angels, Jaroslav has created another stunning series for 2018 calendar and he shared the work with DIYP. This time, he blends pin-up style with the inspiration from popular […]

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How to use Off-Camera Flash to Create Dramatic Images with Cross Lighting

Frank Myrland gives us some great tips on making dramatic images with cross lighting. Don’t be afraid of off-camera flash. In this article, you’ll learn a simple 2-light setup you can use to create dramatic images with cross lighting. Source: How to use Off-Camera Flash to Create Dramatic Images with Cross Lighting

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Three techniques to create dramatic black & white images

Creating dramatic black and white images requires more than dumping the color from your photo. Blake Rudis at f64 takes us through his three techniques for turning your images into eye-catching monochromes. I’m not the biggest fan of digital black and white conversions. They’re often just far too much work and effort to get the look that I want. There are a million different ways […]

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