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The dPS Ultimate Guide to Fine Art Photography

Leanne Cole explains what it takes to be a fine art photographer. In this installment of the dPS ultimate guides, you will learn about fine art photography. What it means to be a fine art photographer and how to pursue it. Source: The dPS Ultimate Guide to Fine Art Photography

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The Art vs. The Craft of Photography

Capturing a great image takes skill but sometimes that may not be what makes a photo memorable. Pat Kay discusses the craft (the how) versus the love (the why) of photography. As creatives, we all go through a very similar journey when it comes to improving our skill. Though details of the turbulent ride vary for everyone, it alw Source: The Art vs. The Craft […]

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Woman wins a lawsuit against video company for filming her without her consent

Photographers must determine a person’s expectation of privacy when taking pictures in public places. Although this decision was about commercial ventures, this legal precedence could have heavy ramifications for street photographers in Canada. Basia Vanderveen from Ottawa sued Waterbridge Media for recording her while she was jogging along the river in Westboro. She has won the lawsuit, and according to the video company, the court’s […]

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How to make your own $6 DIY Paracord camera wrist strap

Wrist straps are becoming a go to accessory for cameras. Why not make an inexpensive paracord DIY wrist strap for yourself? Camera straps are a very personal thing. We all have our own preferences, straps we like and straps we hate. There’s been a lot of variety come about in the world of camera straps over the last few years. Now, instead of just the […]

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Three mistakes all beginner portrait photographers make, and how to fix them

Sheldon Evans provides us with some tips to prevent rookie portrait mistakes. We all make mistakes in the process of learning. But some mistakes are more common than the others, and there’s probably no photographer who hasn’t made them at some point. Sheldon Evans talks about three most common mistakes beginner portrait photographers make. What’s more, they even slip from time to time even when […]

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What to Photograph on Vacation When You’re Feeling Uninspired

When you are vacationing this holiday, keep your photo motivation with a few tips from Suzi Pratt. Usually, a change of scenery is inspiring enough but if you find yourself stuck for what to shoot when on vacation, here are some tips to help you. Source: What to Photograph on Vacation When You’re Feeling Uninspired

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How to Shoot Engaging Travel Portraits from Start to Finish

Ben McKechnie provides some helpful tips on how to get the best portraits while traveling. Capturing great travel portraits can be difficult – this tutorial will walk you through the entire process from approach, to shooting, to finishing up. Source: How to Shoot Engaging Travel Portraits from Start to Finish

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Three techniques to create dramatic black & white images

Creating dramatic black and white images requires more than dumping the color from your photo. Blake Rudis at f64 takes us through his three techniques for turning your images into eye-catching monochromes. I’m not the biggest fan of digital black and white conversions. They’re often just far too much work and effort to get the look that I want. There are a million different ways […]

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How to Photograph Birds in Flight

Sam Rowley at Nature TTL provides us some tips on capturing the best biffies (birds in flight) photography. Shooting photos of birds in flight can be a difficult challenge in wildlife photography. Here’s a 6-minute tutorial by Nature TTL that offers tips on this Source: How to Photograph Birds in Flight

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3 Pro Tips for Building Your Brand as a Photographer

Chase Jarvis gives us some tips on creating your photo brand. Looking to build up your brand as a photographer? Here’s an inspiring 15-minute discussion with well-known photographers Chase Jarvis and Ben Von Wong that Source: 3 Pro Tips for Building Your Brand as a Photographer

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